The Artic makes an excellent skinner for medium to large game ... a drop point design. Comes in the modern CPM S35VN stainless steel.  The blade is 4 1/2" long with a 4 5/8" handle. It comes with brass or stainless hilt.  The handle is the classic straight, but other configurations are available as options.  You have a choice in the base model of Black, Green, or Natural canvas Micarta for handle material.  

Specs for base knife:  

STEEL:  .220 thick CPM S35vn stainless
OAL:  Approximately 9 1/8"
BLADE:  4 1/2 or 5 inches
HILT: Stainless or Brass
HANDLE: Straight contoured Black, Green, or Natural Canvas Micarta (Stacked leather $30 w/ AL buttcap)
SHEATH: Classic loopback no hone pouch

Base Price: $355 in CPM S35vn stainless steel with a Micarta no buttcap handle.   I only make it in small batches.  You can email ( or call me (903)268-7013) to get on a waiting list and I'll notify you when I'm doing a batch. The form below can be used to see the choices you have.  If you respond by email just copy and paste it into the email and adjust it to reflect your color and option choices.  If you call please have it available to go by.


1. .220 thick CPM S35vn stainless steel $45
2. Hilts: Copper $20
3. Handle Configurations: Sowbelly, Single Finger, Fingergroove - $15
4. Handle Materials:  Stag, G10, wood, custom Micarta (various prices)
5. Buttplate: Brass or Stainless $30
6. Buttcaps:  Aluminum w/ lanyard hole - $30 ... Brass or Stainless $50
7. Sheath Colors:  Black or Brown
8. Diamond hone and hone pouch sewn to sheath:  $20