"Selous Safari"

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Description:  This is a heavy duty outdoorsman knife that can take on the big jobs. The blade is a recurve or straight.  The top of clip can be sharpened or not. Jimping for thumb placement can be added to the spine in front of hilt or left sharp and smooth on top for knocking sparks with a ferro rod.  The choil area can be either a finger choil or a sharpening choil.  The sharpening choil gives you more cutting area while the finger choil allows you to "choke up" for finer work.  The handle is black, natural or green micarta and has a lined thong hole.  It comes with a vertical carry loop back sheath.  A can be added for mounting attachments.  (Attachments can be added at extra cost)


  • OAL:  10 1/2 to 10 3/4
  • Blade Edge:  Recurve or Straight
  • Blade Top Edge: Sharpened or False edge
  • Blade Choil:  Finger choil or Sharpening Choil
  • Blade Finish:  Subdued or Satin
  • Blade Length: 6 inches only
  • Blade Width: 1 3/8 to 1 1/2 inches
  • Blade Material: .220 thick CPM S35VN stainless
  • Handle Shape: Straight (Full Mortise Tang)
  • Handle Material: Natural, Black, or Green Micarta
  • Hilt: Brass or Stainless
  • Sheath: Loopback vertical carry
  • Base Price:  $365  

BUILD FORM: (Copy and paste this form and adjust to your build specifications)

  • BLADE EDGE:  Recurve or Straight (both are standard)
  • BLADE TOP EDGE:  No grind or False edge or Sharpened top edge or Swedge (all standard)
  • BLADE CHOIL:  Finger choil or Sharpening Choil (both standard)
  • BLADE MATERIAL:  .220 thick CPM S35vn
    OPTION:  .285 to .300 CPM S35vn = $60
  • BLADE FINISH: Subdued or Satin (standard) ... Patina $10
  • BLADE TOP SAWTEETH:  Top ground and Serrated = $25 or Forward facing across full spine = $20
  • HILT: Brass or Stainless single rear curve (Double rear curve = $5)
  • HANDLE SHAPE: StraIght Full Mortise Tang (standard)
    OPTIONS: Single Fingergroove or Sowbelly or Multifingergroove = $15
  • HANDLE MATERIAL: Micarta: Natural or Black or Green (standard block)
    OPTIONS: Various materials of wood, bone, (block form only for FMT) ($15 and up)
  • ENCLOSED (Cut Down) TANG:  (layered with pins or loveless bolts) $10
    OPTIONS: All way through with Buttcap on enclosed tang (block form only):  Aluminum = $25; Brass or Stainless = $35
  • SHEATH: Brown or Black Loopback (standard)
    OPTIONS: Round diamond hone on front of sheath = $30
  • SHEATH ATTACHMENT FLAP:  Mounting flap sewn on front of sheath for mounting attachments = $5
    1.  Flat Diamond Hone & Firestarter = $50
    2.  Survival Tin & Firestarter = $50
    3.  Round Hone and Firestarter = $65
    4.  Round Hone, Firestarter, & Survival Tin = $80

I only make it in small batches.  You can email (eddie@martinknives.com) or call me (903)268-7013) to get on a waiting list and I'll notify you when I'm starting a batch. The Build Form above can be used to see the choices you have.  If you respond by email you can copy and paste it into the email and adjust it to reflect your color and option choices.  Otherwise just write down what you want using the list.  If you call please have it available to go by.