"Bush Runt"

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DESCRIPTION:  This is the  "Bush Runt" ... The model shown is an enclosed tang clip point model that is similar to the drop point "Bush Hunter" model. I can make it with Scandi, Flat, or Convex grinds.  Just specify which you prefer when you email me your request.  Works well as a small survival knife as well as bushcraft knife ... makes a great little hunting knife as well.  


OAL: Approximately 7 3/4"
STEEL:  .148 thick CPM S35VN stainless
BLADE: 3 3/8" long x 1 1/16" 
BLADE FINISH:  Satin, Subdued, Forged Flats, Fully Forged or (Patina $10)
HILT:  Stainless Steel or Brass
HANDLE: Black, Natural, or Green Canvas Micarta (Other handle materials can be special ordered)
SHEATH: Vertical pouch (Horizontal sheath extra)

Price starts at $265 in CPM S35VN stainless steel with sheath and black or green or natural canvas micarta handle.  Price is $225 for a no hilt model.

I only make knives in small batches.  I don't take orders, but I do take requests.  You can email (eddie@martinknives.com) or call me (903)268-7013) to make your request and get on a waiting list.  I'll notify you when I'm doing a batch.  I do not have phone service in the shop so please leave a message if you call and I'll get back to you.

I also make some knives for the website "Available" page.  I send out an email when I post them there.  You can subscribe to my email list with this link:  https://edmartin.sendlane.com/form/17706

The form below is provided for you to see choices and prices of the options I offer.  It can be used to copy and paste into an email and adjust to reflect your color and option choices when I notify you that I'm doing a batch of this model.





KNIFE:  "Bush Runt"

STEEL:  .148 CPM S35VN

BLADE:   3 3/8 x 1 1/16 inches

BLADE GRIND:  Flat Saber, ( Scandi or Convex $20)
BLADE TOP EDGE GRIND:  None - sharp spine

BLADE FINISH:  Satin, Subdued (Blasted), Forged flats, Complete Forged or (Patina $10)

HILT: Stainless or Brass

HANDLE TYPE: Enclosed on the hilted model and full tang on the no hilt model

TAPERED TANG:  $40 on no hilt model
HANDLE MATERIALS: Black, Natural, or Green Canvas (Other colors and materials can be ordered at extra cost)

HANDLE LINERS:  $10 and up on no hilt model ... one 1/8" liner is used on the enclosed tang model.

HANDLE RETAINERS: Hollow or solid pins & lined lanyard hole standard (Loveless Bolts $10) (Mosaic pins $10 up)

SHEATH: Vertical carry pouch (Horizontal Carry 2 strap $25)


  • Firestarter / Diamond hone w/ custom convex sharpening set up = $50
  • Firestarter / Survival tin = $50
  • Firestarter / Survival tin / Round diamond hone = $80 (Not recommended for small sheath)
  • Firestarter on welt edge of vertical carry sheath = $20
  • Vertical carry strop for horizontal carry sheath = $10