"Bush Classic 2.0"

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  • OAL: Approximately 8 1/2"
  • STEEL: Basic: .148 thick CPM S35vn stainless
  • BLADE: 3 7/8" or 4 1/4" long x 1 1/16" wide
  • BLADE GRIND: Scandi
  • BLADE FINISH: Satin, Subdued (Blasted), Forged Flats
  • HILT: N/A
  • HANDLE: Black, Natural, or Green Canvas Micarta
  • SHEATH: Black or Brown leather square toe vertical pouch

DESCRIPTION:  The Bush Classic 2.0 is my interpretation of the classic British knife that was developed by Alan Wood and Ray Mears. This CPM S35vn stainless steel model has been extensively tested by Kevin Estella in his wilderness survival education classes.  Check out the article at the bottom of this page for Kevin's thoughts on the  Bush Classic 2.0 and the use of modern stainless steel.

Price starts at $295 in CPM S35VN stainless steel with sheath and black or green or natural canvas micarta handle.  

I only make knives in small batches of one kind.  I don't take orders.  You can email (eddie@martinknives.com) or call me (903)268-7013) to get on a waiting list.  I'll notify you when I'm doing a batch.  I do not have phone service in the shop so please leave a message if you call and I'll get back to you.

I also make some knives for the website "Available" page.  I send out an email when I post them there.  You can subscribe to my email list with this link:  https://edmartin.sendlane.com/form/17706

The form below is provided for you to see choices and prices of the options I offer.  It can be used to copy and paste into an email and adjust to reflect your color and option choices when I notify you that I'm doing a batch of this model.





KNIFE:  "Bush Classic"

STEEL:  .148 CPM S35VN

BLADE:  3 7/8 or 4 1/4 inches


BLADE FINISH:  Satin, Subdued (Blasted), Forged flats

HILT: None


HANDLE MATERIALS: Black, Natural, or Green Canvas (Other colors and materials can be ordered at extra cost)

HANDLE LINERS: $10 and up

HANDLE RETAINERS: Hollow or solid pins & lined lanyard hole standard (Loveless Bolts $10) (Mosaic pins $10 up)

SHEATH: Vertical pouch or Horizontal carry pouch (Two strap with retainer horizontal carry $25)


  • Firestarter / Diamond hone w/ custom convex sharpening set up = $50
  • Firestarter / Survival tin = $50
  • Firestarter / Survival tin / Round diamond hone = $80 (Not recommended for small sheath)
  • Firestarter on welt edge of vertical carry sheath = $20
  • Vertical carry strop for two strap horizontal carry sheath = $10

Ed Martin Knives Bushcraft Classic 2.0
Would you choose to drive a Ford Model T through a snowstorm or a modern 4WD vehicle that is much safer? Follow the logic behind this question as it will relate to the philosophy and development of the new and improved Bushcraft Classic. 01 Steel has been used for over 100 years since furnaces became electric. The Model T was developed in 1908. Since then, major advancements in steel and automobiles have changed both industries. Modern vehicles are equipped with better safety measures, more horsepower and finer appointments. Modern steels, like S35VN, are more resistant to moisture, hold an edge longer and are tougher. Today, if given the chance, most people would choose the best option for their safety than one for nostalgic reasons. Model T or F150? Replace the Ford with a Silverado if you’re a Chevy guy.

The popularity of Bushcraft has led to the rise of many knife makers using 01 steel as the standard steel in Scandinavian ground knives resembling the popular "Woodlore" originally designed by noted Bushcraft Expert, Ray Mears. Ray designed the Woodlore over 30 years ago and carries his to this day. 01 steel is, after all, a proven steel capable of working well in the role of bushcraft knife and no one can deny what Ray Mears is capable of doing with his blade.  However, in the past 30 years, let alone 100, major improvements have been made in the steel production resulting in new steels in a class of their own. The 80’s was a decade where various 440C blades ruled the roost but today it is less favored in lieu of these "supersteels". Over the past 30 years, some designs have been recycled as steels have improved. This is the idea behind the revised Martin Knives Bushcraft Classic.
The Bushcraft Classic 2.0 takes the proven Scandi grind and blade shape of the original and pairs it with a much more European-styled handle similar to the Woodlore knife. There is no question that design excels at woodcraft and the coke bottle handle contour and swell is true to the original providing a comfortable all-day handle. As with the original Bushcraft Classic, the steel remains the same with S35VN. This steel has great wear resistance, takes a fine edge and is very forgiving in damp environments as it won’t rust easily. 01 steel in the right environment is a good steel but it rusts very quickly when used in particularly damp environments. Gear should be kept rust free especially if used in food preparation which is very common in camp making 01 less desireable in a long-term scenario where maintenance products aren’t available. Consider this maintenance factor too. Given its stainless properties, S35VN is definitely a hard steel some would find difficult to sharpen with standard stones. However, just as steels have changed greatly in the past 100 years, so has the technology to sharpen them. Using diamond stones, the Scandi grind of this knife is easily maintained.

Many bushcraft knives feature natural handles as the original Woodlore did. Wood is classy and has a rich feel to it. The tradeoff for looks is durability. The standard Bushcraft Classic 2.0 handle scales are synthetic micarta. This stabilized material will not shrink, it will not contract and it won’t retain moisture like some natural handle material will. Again, why compromise with safety selecting a knife handle that leaves room for weakness and vulnerability? Every element of the Bushcraft Classic 2.0 is meant for use. The knife’s true beauty comes from its ruggedness and "all work no play" design because, after all, there are knives for show and knives for go. This knife falls into the latter category. It can be carried in a supple leather belt sheath for walking through the woods or clipped into a kydex sheath on a PFD for around the water. Try that with an exotic wood-handled 01 steel knife. The concept of this knife was conceived by outdoor professionals for real use. It goes far beyond traditional bushcraft to meet the needs of the 21st century outdoorsman.
In an emergency, you may only get one chance to save your own life. Trust your life to the best you can carry and afford. Some knives are fun to work with but are they the knives you want to trust your life to? Not every knife will meet this criteria and that is fine. Just as the car collector may have his daily driver and his garaged beauty, you can have knives for different purposes too. Make sure you have the most practical blade with you or else you’re risking your safety on the road driving that Model T through a storm.

Kevin Estela
Owner/Head Instructor
Estela Wilderness Education, LLC.