MK14 "Magnum Hollow Handle"

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A Hollow Handle Survival Knife that you can depend on!  The "Magnum" is designed for practical survival as well as combat situations.  It is made of 9/32" thick CPM S35vn stainless steel.  It comes with a compass in the buttcap, cord wrap handle and a loop back sheath.  The base price is $647.

1. Sawteeth = $80

2. Beveled top clip (False edge)

3. Beveled top clip (Sharpened edge)

4. Satin or Subdued (Blasted) finish = no charge for either

5. Lugged Hilt = $55

6. Round EZE LAP diamond hone on front of sheath = $45


If you had rather have a flat saber grind like the regular “Magnum,” I can do that at no extra charge. See it here:  It would also have the beveled top clip either false edge or sharpened at no extra charge.  The advantage of this setup is stronger blade … more metal in it.  The disadvantage is less slicing ability because of steeper edge geometry.

If you would like to get on a list for this knife just email me at: