MK-T3 "Lite"

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  • STEEL: .180 thick CPM S35VN Stainless
  • 4 1/2" long x 1 1/4" wide
  • Satin or Subdued (blasted) finish
  • Thumb notches for thumb placement
  • Stainless Steel oval hilt
  • Black, Green, or Natural Canvas Micarta handle with three solid or hollow pins (brass or stainless) 
  • Dark Brown vertical carry leather pouch sheath

DESCRIPTION:    This is the lighter version of the T3 "E&E" ... It was designed for those who like the T3, but want a somewhat more compact version of it.  Boker Knife Company also does a manufactured version of it.

Price starts at $345 in .180 thick CPM S35VN stainless steel.  

Some Options I do at times:

  • STEEL:  .180 thick CPM S35VN stainless only (Any other steels I decide to do will be pre-order offer or listed on Available page.)
  • BLADE GRIND: Standard is flat saber - Full flat ($20) or Full Convex ($40) are options 
  • BLADE SWEDGE TIP: Comes without, but can be put on if you let me know when you purchase.
  • BLADE FINISH:  Satin, Subdued (Blasted)
  • HILT: Stainless or Brass
  • HANDLE COLORS:  Black, Natural, or Green (Other handle materials and colors are extra)
  • HANDLE LINERS:  $15 and up
  • HANDLE RETAINERS: 3 solid or hollow pins 
  • SHEATH: Multicarry $35
    • Firestarter / Diamond hone w/ custom convex sharpening set up = $50
    • Firestarter / Survival tin = $50
    • Firestarter / Survival tin / Round diamond hone = $80
    • Firestarter / Round diamond hone = $70
    • Firestarter only on welt for standard pouch or horizontal carry = $20
    • Vertical carry strop for horizontal carry sheath (Allows vertical carry and serves as a field strop for convex edge) = $10