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MK-T3 "E&E"

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  • STEEL: .220 thick CPM S35VN Stainless
  • 5" long x 1 3/8" wide
  • Satin or Subdued (blasted) finish
  • Thumb notches for thumb placement
  • Stainless Steel oval hilt
  • Black, Green, or Natural Canvas Micarta handle with two stainless steel screws ... everything is epoxied together with 2 ton epoxy to seal out moisture and for extra retention.
  • Black or Brown vertical carry leather pouch sheath

DESCRIPTION:    There is nothing like a top quality truly hand crafted knife when the going gets tough.  The T3 "Escape & Evation" was designed with a military application in mind.  When the situation demands a tough knife that will meet the needs of desperate circumstances you can't beat this one. This is what makes it an excellent wilderness survival knife choice for the adventurer also.  

This particular configuration with a hilt was a customization I did several years ago from a no hilt version I had done. An article was featured on this hilted version in Tactical Knives magazine back in March 2012.  Also a review video was done on it by Black Scout Survival ... Here's a link to a Black Scout Survival Review:  


  • STEEL:  .220 thick CPM S35VN stainless only (Any other steels offered will be in a pre-build or just put on website "Available" page
  • BLADE GRIND: Standard is flat saber - Full flat ($25) or Full Convex ($40) are options 
  • BLADE SWEDGE TIP: This knife comes without, but can be put on if you let me know you want it.
  • BLADE FINISH:  Satin or Subdued (Blasted gray finish)
  • HILT: Stainless Steel or Brass Oval
  • HANDLE: Full tang - Black, Natural, or Green Canvas (other materials and colors extra)
  • HANDLE LINERS:  $15 and up (goes between handle slabs hand tang)
  • HANDLE RETAINERS:  Standard Two screws each side  (Contoured 3 pin hollow or solid $15)
  • SHEATH: Dark Brown vertical pouch ... Multicarry Option $35
    • Firestarter / Diamond hone w/ custom convex sharpening set up = $50
    • Firestarter / Survival tin = $50
    • Firestarter / Survival tin / Round diamond hone $80
    • Firestarter / Round diamond hone $70
    • Firestarter only on welt $20